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It is a new company, established in 2014, representing the professional world and the business in different sectors.
Specialized in the management of sales representatives and distribution with our international sales network.
In particular with the Glocal Food Italy project we take care of the distribution of Italian agri-food productions in the European and extra-European countries of the associated companies.
We provide specialized web agency services, online promotion, for companies, professionals and tourist and accommodation activities.
We coordinate logistics activities for import and export.
We procure the success of the initiatives through collaboration with the public authorities in charge of the various countries and their partners throughout Europe, to create and develop new business activities and to guarantee its customers the highest quality, flexibility, efficiency with an excellent cost-effectiveness ratio.

Glocal Food Italy project.

A simple and at the same time ambitious project, the adoption of an innovative business model with low financial risk, to give a significant solution to the internalization of small and medium-sized enterprises of the precious and envied Italian agri-food sector.

New markets for Italian agri-food companies.


The Glocal Food Italy solution aims to encourage the collaboration of Italian, fresh and processed food producers.
To favor the planning of the production, to organize and to execute the common commercialization in Italy and in the countries of the European Community and extra.
With the constant help of our assistance and advice.

Who is it for?

The Glocal Food Italy project is aimed at all producers of the vast agri-food sector.
The agricultural production of fruit and vegetables and their processing, the richness of diversity, cheeses, cured meats, wines, vinegars, pastry and bread, the queen of all pizza, dry and fresh pasta. To promote and provide for the sales, distribution, collection and payment of supplies from Italian producers.


To provide an adequate sales and distribution network to supply the true Made in Italy products to professional (Ho.Re.Ca) and private consumers.
From each product page you can identify the Italian manufacturer. We are the commercial office for each of them. From producer to consumer.

Business consulting services.

A group of professionals in the various fields of expertise operate within our company to offer specialized consulting services to our client companies coordinated by Comanservice Ltd.
An extraordinary quality-price ratio, a team effort to offer the best in a dynamic and independent way.

Commercial agency

We work continuously to obtain commercial agreements for the sale and distribution by companies in the European Community who want to find new opportunities in new markets, in different production sectors.

Import - Export

We specialize in offering appropriate services to our partner companies and customers regarding the sale and handling of products for sale to overcome customs, linguistic and fiscal obstacles.

Web Agency.

Since 2013 we deal with applications and services on the web. Our partners are all professionals with great experience in the sector.
We provide solutions of various types from specific and particular applications, to ecommerce, to news management, to accounting, to bookings for tourist activities, promotion in social media, personal and business web pages.


An online accounting application for small and medium-sized companies, allows the management of contacts, customers, suppliers, invoices, estimates, banks, warehouses, interventions, projects, etc. with a small monthly cost without installation and accessible from the network.
Request free access to our demo.

Booking System

Our system allows hotels to manage online bookings autonomously and automatically.
Also accounting and billing to its customers.
Request free access to our demo.


Our solutions are suitable both for the management and sale of a few products as well as for companies with thousands of products to manage.
Possible online sales also through its own sellers and collaborators.

Web Site

We can produce your personal or business web page in a few days at prices that are truly accessible to everyone.
Your single-page website, fast, responsive, connected to facebook.
Or your web system to be updated independently suitable for your business and fill it with news, videos, photos, downloads, etc.

Registered office  Felichita RM  Ltd

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Druzhba 1 Bul. Krastyu Pasthov Blok 142

Sofia 1592  BG

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